Red tape

My jewellery is hand made. I use mostly hand tools and processes. This means that you will wait a little longer for your one-off creation. And it will have minor imperfections, or rather signs of the maker, because it is not a production line object.

No two pieces are the same. While I may repeat a design, there will be variations, as the pieces are hand crafted.

I make every effort to be accurate with any information and specifications listed on this website, but specifications can change without notice, and I are only human, so if something is incorrect, I am happy for you to kindly point it out.

All jewellery designs I create are my designs. It is possible something I create may look similar to someone else’s work (or vice versa), after all, no one works in a vacuum. And jewellery is one of the oldest art forms we have.

Stone setting carries some risk of the stone breaking. If it is a stone you have supplied please be aware that I cannot guarantee that the stone will not break, so if it has sentimental value please be very sure you want it set. If it does break, I will work with you to find a solution such as a replacement stone, however I cannot accept responsibility for stones as they can have flaws that cause cracking during the setting process.

I do not undertake repairs on existing jewellery unless that jewellery was created by me.

The materials I use are listed as part of the description of every object shown in my shop. If you need more information please contact me.

While I make every effort to ensure that my jewellery is properly and securely constructed, accidents can happen. Please contact me to arrange repair or replacement (I will decide which it needs to be).

My maker’s mark

found form

If your piece does not have my maker’s mark on it, it most probably was not made by me. If you are uncertain, I am happy to view the piece and let you know.

Outside influences

To the best of my knowledge this site uses up-to-date security, fraud and spam prevention. I cannot be held responsible for a hacker being smarter than WordPress or a plugin, but I will endeavour to ensure any breach is stopped quick smart. And any widget this site employs that streams data from somewhere else? It may, or may not, be accurate. Please view it as an indicator, not a hard-and-fast rule.


My full privacy statement is here.

I have made every effort to comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If you have any concerns please contact me.


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