Simon has, over the years, studied painting, worked as a graphic designer and website designer, made leather goods, slab-built pots, designed and produced a quarterly journal and co-run a design business.

In 2016 he almost-by-accident began a silversmithing course at the Jam, and soon after registered Found form.

His practice is eclectic, with influences and ideas from the natural world and the detritus of human activities. There he looks for the sweet point between reality and abstraction. He is interested in the small things, the unnoticed or overlooked, because these add colour and texture to our view of the world around us.

It is important that the work he makes is considered and takes time, to give back with completeness and rightness, and go on to become something other. 

He has work at selected galleries and exhibits regularly.

He works from a home studio based in a ramshackle shack which he shares with a cantankerous feline she-devil called Millie and a blackbird who comes inside to steal Millie’s food. Friday nights he has a glass of wine with friends at the wharf which is the perfect end to the week.

His CV is available here.

Image courtesy Niamh Twohig