August 14, 2018

About me

I am Simon Lownsborough. For most of my working life I have been a graphic designer and website user experience designer. At the same time I have always made things: clothing, photographs, leather goods. I have exhibited in past Fringes and the Fleurieu Art Prize, all the while creating clay sculptures, paintings and simple jewellery.

I am interested in landscape and the minutiae of everyday living: the network of our day-to-day world. What beauty is hidden in a scrap of metal found on the roadside? Can I juxtapose patinated automotive steel with silver, silk or keum-boo to make something unusual and new? I love the thought that something found in a wreckers yard, or old road signage, can be transformed and worn and seen as an object of beauty. It becomes something else entirely, yet still carries traces of its origins. My art practice is an ongoing exploration of the possibilities in found materials, stones and metals and observations of my everyday.

found form began in February 2017.

July 2018 Cultivate – inspired by nature at Sturt Gallery in NSW.
November 2018 featured in SA Life magazine